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Some common foot and ankle conditions that causes aching feet

4 years ago

Foot and ankle are the most neglected body parts by Humans. They do not pay attention to them unless and until they start getting hurt. Foot and Ankle are the parts that help a human in standing, walking and doing regular chores. Pain and discomfort in the foot and ankle give an alarm that something is wrong. With the help of an orthopedist, find the source of pain and get remedy as early as possible.

Dr. Amit Saini, Orthopedician at Sapra Multispeciality Hospital discusses foot and ankle injuries common in the humans are:

1. Achilles Tendonitis: The Achilles tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel when get inflamed due to overuse is termed as Achilles Tendonitis. If not taken proper treatment, the Achilles tendonitis can lead to Achilles’s tear or rupture. Symptoms are recurring pain in the back of heel, mild swelling and tenderness.

2. Ankle Sprain: Ligaments are the thick fibrous connective tissue that connects one bone to other bone and injury to the ligaments causes a sprain in the body. Ankle sprains occur during sports injuries and walking on uneven surfaces. It causes swelling, bruising, pain and difficulty in walking.

3. Stress fractures: When a large pressure or force is applied on a bone and it is not able to bear it then occur the stress fractures. Stress fractures are small breaks or cracks in a bone. Stress fractures are common in weight-bearing bones of the foot, leg, and pelvis. The person who is more indulge in walking, running and jumping with heavyweights like field athletes and military recruits are more prone to this.

4. Plantar Fasciitis: This is the most common foot and ankle injury that occur in human beings. In this, a band of tissue called plantar fascia gets swollen and inflamed which causes pain in the heel. It occurs in those who spend a long period of time on their feet.

5. Turf Toe: Turf toe “is the common term used to describe a ligament sprain around the big toe joint. While it is commonly associated with football players playing on artificial turf, it affects athletes in other sports. It’s a condition caused by jamming the big toe or forcefully pushing the big toe off again and again.

Orthopedician is the one who will help you with foot and ankle injuries management. Always consult the best orthopedics of your city to know more about foot and ankle conditions and how to take care of them.

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