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An Enlarged Heart: Meaning, causes, and symptoms

3 years ago

Enlarged heart as the name indicates is a condition in which the size of the heart gets enlarged. This enlargement of Heart is termed as Cardiomegaly. Though cardiomegaly is not a disease surely it is a sign of another serious issue. An enlarged heart can pump the blood normally but pumping ability declines as the condition worsens.

Dr. Dinesh Sehgal (Interventional cardiologist, Sapra Multispecialty hospital Hisar) giving an overview of the cardiomegaly in the article. He explains the types, causes, symptoms and early diagnosis techniques for a long life.

Types of Cardiomegaly :

Dilated and Hypertrophic cardiomegaly are the conditions that occur due to damage to the heart muscle. In dilated cardiomegaly, the walls of both ventricles become thin and stretched which enlarges the heart.

Whereas in hypertrophic, the left lower ventricular wall gets thickened and becomes less efficient.

Causes of enlargement of Heart

The conditions that cause Heart enlargement are:

Coronary artery disease

High blood pressure

Heart valve Problem

Irregular Heart rhythm

At the time of Pregnancy (Peripartum cardiomyopathy)

HIV Infection

Symptoms of Cardiomegaly

Though enlargement of Heart causes no serious issue, sometimes it can cause Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, chest pain, tiredness, and swelling.

Whenever anyone feels these symptoms, they should visit a cardiologist or your family doctor for early detection of the condition. A good cardiologist will examine the cardiomegaly condition and prevent it from getting worse. If you have a family history of having an enlarged heart, then you should tell the doctor about this.

By eating a healthy diet and not using alcohol and drugs, one can help reduce the chances of developing heart failure. With proper diet, exercise and medication, it can also prevent many people who have an enlarged heart from developing heart failure by controlling high blood pressure.

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