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Delaying surgeries during Corona: How to tackle the situation

Apr 02, 2020

With Coronavirus (COVID19) entry in India, the corona infected patients are increasing day by day. The Healthcare system has informed to postpone all other important surgeries amidst the corona. They have instructed to set aside beds, prepare isolation facilities, procure ventilators, and manpower to combat the COVID-19. A small survey finds that it is not […]

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Hip flexor Strain big-plus

Hip Flexor Strain, its causes and treatment

Jan 06, 2020

When we overuse any muscle or ligament, it underwent strain which causes pain. At the top of the thigh and pelvic region, flexible muscle tissues are located called Hip Flexors. Hip flexors help in bending and flexing of knees. When these muscles undergo overstretching and overuse, hip flexors strain to occur. Hip flexor strain can […]

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exercises after knee replacement big-plus

Some simple exercises that can help after Joint replacement surgery

Oct 01, 2019

Physical exercises and therapy are essential after certain illness or injury to repair the impairment of the body. Dr. Amit Saini, Orthopedic surgeon at Sapra Multispecialty Hospital explains some of the exercises that are necessary after surgery to restore normal function to patients’ joints. These are easy to do exercises and help in healing the […]

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