Our Story

Our organization, Jugaad.com came into working in 2013 at Amity University. Founder, Mr. Manmohan Singla has been constantly working since then in various fields for growth and development of the organization. Initially the programs included : Event Management, Digital Marketing, Providing the platform to budding talents.

A stable and healthy response from the viewers, our jugaadin team moved on to focus on Tire 2 and Tire 3 cities for a digitalised nation approach. Founder, Mr. Manmohan Singla, launched a local digital directory in his home city Hisar, Haryana by the name of Digital Hisar.

DIGITAL HISAR: Online business directory with over 40K data of small and big ventures across the state along with widened digital marketing.

Founder, Mr Singla received an honorable Awards like  Excellence Award and Best of the Best Award  in 2018 for adopting the motto of spreading digital knowledge and creating awareness among the masses.

Digital Hisar team has also been trying to support other issues and events which are not highlighted in the society in small towns. To curb this, jugaadin.com decided to launch a news portal, Jugaadin News, a Digital News portal that is an English News Portal.

What We Do??

Jugaadin News provides News to viewers in a segrated manner to match their preferences city-wise. National News is displayed featuring all categories such as Health, Sports, Technology, Fashion, Politics, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Education, Travel, and much more.


We are on a mission to grow a connection of villages to Towns and to Cities by bringing fully equipped online local and National News.

Get Involved

If you are looking to bring a change in society and your career, we are the perfect platform to begin your journey with. We invite people who can provide us with facts and great content from their hometown. We aim to grow with your support.

Join us to promote Digitalization!


our great team

Mr. Manmohan Singla

Founder & CEO

Lives By his Heart and swears by quality. he is like an all in one Collection, being demanded in every field of work from his music field in which he Master's all the instruments,to the field of technology,in which he has experienced Web developing to it's core, to a complete business and management person having small business ofhis own , working with many organisations, he has it all. Guiding the Jugaadin Team he believes in taking all in equal stream. Also to mention his Band Annagennese.

Dr. Pooja Grover


Dr. Tanupriya Choudhury


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