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Keep your heart healthy and safe in winters

3 years ago

As the temperature starts to fall, people having heart problems tend to face more problems. “Cold weather creates a problem for those having cardiovascular issues,” says Dr. Dinesh Sehgal, an interventional cardiologist at Sapra Multispecialty Hospital.

Cold weather creates a problem in blood circulation but a person can stay warm and healthy if he takes some precautions.

How cold weather affects heart health

During winters, cold temperature constricts the blood vessels and makes it difficult to transport the blood to the brain and other major organs. This forces the heart to work harder; as a result, the heart demands more oxygen-rich blood. This mismatch of demand and supply in the blood sets the heart on the Heart attack.

The signs of a heart attack:

•             Pain in the chest that can cause discomfort

•             Pain in including the arms, back, neck, or jaw

•             Shortness of breath

•             Feeling lightheaded or nauseous

There are many steps a person suffering from cardiac problems can take to keep him warm are:

1. When there is too much cold outside, try to stay indoors and keep yourself warm with the hot water bottle and electric blanket.

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2. Wear a cap, scarf, and gloves while going outside in a chilly climate. When you experience the ill effects of angina, wear a scarf wrapped freely around your mouth and nose, so you take in hotter air. This may restrain your side effects. Wrap up warm in layers. Wearing layers of clothes can help keep you hotter.

3.  Have hot drinks like vegetable soup and hot water to keep the body warm and heart-healthy.

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4. Try to keep yourself safe from any infection. In case of fever, headache, cough or cold, consult your general physician or cardiologist for immediate relief.

Keep your heart safe and healthy this winter, and all year long.

Seema Jain

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