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Delaying surgeries during Corona: How to tackle the situation

3 years ago

With Coronavirus (COVID19) entry in India, the corona infected patients are increasing day by day. The Healthcare system has informed to postpone all other important surgeries amidst the corona. They have instructed to set aside beds, prepare isolation facilities, procure ventilators, and manpower to combat the COVID-19.

A small survey finds that it is not only hospitals or doctors that postponing the major surgeries but some patients are canceling elective procedures because of the outbreak. Many doctors say they are seeing patients canceling or deferring procedures because of Corona’s fear.

So, to know the reason behind postponing surgeries and not visiting doctors during Corona, Jugaadin News has Dr. Amit Saini at its Talk @Jugaadin News.  Dr. Amit Saini is a leading orthopedician at Sapra Multispeciality Hospital, Hisar. While addressing he says that the cancellation of procedures so far has been minimal, but with spreading viruses more patients are changing their plans to stop the spread of coronavirus.

If I talk about ortho surgeries like knee replacement, hip replacement, carpal tunnel surgeries patients who had scheduled their surgeries are now postponing procedures to avoid exposure to Corona. Patients are likely to see healthcare facilities as high-risk areas for exposure to infectious coronavirus. Though they are taking the right step during quarantine time, but they should follow some precautions so as not to come across any emergency.

Patients who have postponed their surgeries should always be in contact with the concerned doctor through telephonic or Messenger. If they see any emergency or medical condition, they should consult the medical practitioner as early as possible. They must have enough stock of prescribed medications with them. They should take all the precautionary measures against corona. There is no need to panic if surgery gets delayed by 5 to10 days said Dr. Amit saini.

We as Health care providers are delaying elective care to keep beds open and to prevent patients from contracting a new coronavirus, but this does not mean that patients should be cut off from life-saving treatment if needed.

Orthopedician surgeon | Joint Replacement surgeon
Orthopedician Surgeon | Joint Replacement Surgeon

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