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2 years ago

As far as, the Law schools are concerned there should not be any impact of COVID 19 pandemic on them because the situation that seems right now because generally, classes in National Law schools and other law colleges begin at the end of June or first week of July. So by that time, the scare of coronavirus should be over. But as far as, the law School entrance exams like CLAT is concerned, there will be some impact on the preparation of students especially those who are looking to prepare after their board exams.

To guide the students on preparing for CLAT 2020 during corona, Dr. Dinesh Nagpal, Director career compass and a renowned motivational speaker shared his views on Talk@ Jugaadin News. He said “The board exams will finish only after 14th April, maybe around 20th April and the CLAT exam is going to happen on 24th May. The other exams also are going to be rescheduled after the lockdown is over. So some students I am finding out that they are waiting to start the preparation after the exams are over, not realizing that right now it is the time for them to prepare both for the board exam and also the law entrance exam.

A lot of students are asking me, Sir what should we do right now? My suggestion to them is that please understand that the law entrance exams focus a lot on reading general knowledge awareness of the current affairs and basic data interpretation which is of class 10th level. So even if you read newspapers especially look at the editorial parts and the current affairs, it will help you to prepare in the right way. Apart from that, there are a lot of online classes available these days which help you to prepare for the safety of home and the experience is just like the real-time class.

At Career Compass, we have already started online classes for CLAT and other law entrance exams. The feedback of the students is that they are enjoying these classes sitting at home and are able to prepare in the right way because not only they are covering the syllabus but also getting expert guidance from top faculty members. They are also receiving proper notes through mail or WhatsApp and their preparation is going very well. They also get access to online test series which helps them practice the mock tests to give the feel of the real CLAT exam. The online section also has a lot of practice exercises on different subjects. So to reduce the impact of the lockdown for the CLAT preparation, the students should immediately start taking online classes that are available.

Career compass is an institute in Hisar for the preparation of exams like CLAT/ IPM/ BBA/ HM. They have been transforming the careers of young aspirants for different entrance examinations. They have ushered thousands of students into a great career since 2004. 

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