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Companies should adopt Digital Marketing techniques during COVID 19 epidemic: Manmohan Singla

2 years ago

Due to an outbreak of the corona virus, the businesses will become more focused than ever on their digital strategies in the coming months. In a lockdown situation, there is a complete absence of all networks, live events, and conferences, and barriers to face-to-face enterprise, present an enormous challenge.

Business is now targeting customers through Digital Marketing techniques and adopting Digital Marketing strategies in this difficult scenario. Assessing the present situation of businesses and companies,  Er, Manmohan Singla, a Digital Marketing Professional when interviewed in Talk @Jugaadin News gave some Digital Marketing techniques through which companies can maintain their visibility in the market during COVID 19 which is an essential component for long term profitability.

He explained the present scenario of companies and it encourages the companies to move towards Digital Marketing. Some of the Digital Marketing techniques that a business should use at the time of corona to be in the mind of consumers can be:

1. If you are not in the visibility of your consumer for some days, it means you are out. So be in touch with your existing customers rather than focusing on gaining new ones. You need to keep in contact with your customers across social media and the web. Plan a good content marketing strategy to give information about various innovations and news to keep the customer updated. Also, be in conversation with your customers through social media channels.

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2. During difficult situations, the continuation of work differs across industries. Companies who do business online have been able to turn to tele-networking, although small retailers have been temporarily shut down. How this pandemic is impacting your company or industry as a whole, be sure to share your updates with your customers. This can be done by putting a banner on website, social media platforms and by sending an email.

3. Irrespective of the sector in which you work, some other companies are being hit just as harder than yours during this pandemic. Thus, help such companies to learn about digital marketing and its various promotional tools like Social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) as this is the time to stand with each other not against each other.

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4. Earlier, businesses may have organized an email marketing campaign to inform about new products or service but during difficult times like these, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to press the pause button on non-urgent ads. Shift your company’s focus more on helping the customers in this pandemic situation.

In hard times like the COVID-19 pandemic, as a responsible citizen, you must organize and consider goals other than business promotion. Er. Manmohan Singla also said that learning Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. This attack of coronavirus has shown that the upcoming time will show a revolution in digital technology and one who will grab the technology as early will grow and sustain in the future. Digital Marketing is a skill that can be used while sitting at home. Anyone who wants to start with, here is the link to Manmohan Singla’s Youtube channel.

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