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Virtual Teaching for students During Corona: How much helpful it is?

2 years ago

The world is suffering from the Coronavirus impact. Cities, states and nations have locked down so as to stop the community transmission. Every industry is getting affected by COVID 19 and if we talk about the education sector its condition is severe. March being the month of examination, assessment and qualifying to next levels but due to lockdown, schools, colleges, and institutes have been closed and hence disturbing the study of students. Also, educational institutes are not aware of how long this lockdown period will persist, when the new school session will start, when competitive exams like IIT/ NEET will be held. No one is having answers to these questions, that’s why to help students in this pandemic situation; shifting from the classroom setting to virtual classroom is the only solution they are getting to cope with the situation.

Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, Director Performance Institute (Educating for better tomorrow) gives his viewpoint on the concept of virtual teaching pattern during Coronavirus in an interview with Jugaadin News. Under Performance institute, he also started the live training sessions for students. He explains that at this time of this pandemic, the virtual learning system is the only support system of the education industry. Virtual teaching cannot replace classroom teaching but it has its own importance and credibility. Students can take the benefit of virtual learning and utilize their time during self- quarantine as a virtual teaching method gives the possibility of

Virtual classroom
  1. Removal of geographical barriers (Anywhere learning)
    A virtual classroom knows no geographical boundary. It allows learners and teachers to attend a single live training session from any place in the world, provided they have a computer and Internet connection. And when the students are under quarantine, they will face no problem of connectivity.
  2. Sessions can be recorded If we talk about traditional classroom-based training sessions, students don’t get the facility of the recorded sessions if they have missed any. Whereas a virtual classroom has a facility to record the session, learners or teachers can replay it afterwards. Teachers get an opportunity to review their own or their colleague’s performance.
  3. Quicker to organize
    Virtual Training can be organized more quickly than traditional classroom-based training as no extra material need to be distributed. The sessions are easier to schedule or reschedule.
  4. More comfortable learning environment: Students are able to listen lectures and complete assignments from their comfortable zone and in this quarantine time, they can utilize the time effectively.
  5. Convenience and flexibility: Shifting from classroom teaching to online teaching will give an opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. Course material is always accessible online and they can read it any time.

Because of all of these benefits, virtual learning is becoming popular during coronavirus time and every other institute is moving towards this concept. No doubt this will help students in learning with ease and when they join the school after lockdown, they will not feel that their time has been wasted.

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