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Swami Sahajanand Nath gave startling prediction on Corona

3 years ago

We have to face this situation with courage, wisdom, and patience: Sahajanand Nath

 Hisar 27 March: Amidst the situation of the country battling the Corona epidemic, the founder of Mission Green foundation, Swami Sahajanand has given a shocking prediction in an interview to the team of Jugaadin News. He predicted that India might face an economic crisis and emergency in the future due to the Corona pandemic.

 Sahajanand Nath said that he always warned the government and organizations that if this happens then what are their preparations.  He told that in the past too many of his predictions have been proved right that includes Sonia Gandhi will never become Prime Minister in life, India will have an earthquake on 26 January, and many other predictions also. He also predicted from 24 March, the outbreak of Corona in India will take full force and the whole of India will be shut down.  In view of this, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji did a one-day public down on March 22, his statement proved true. This 21-day lockdown can be increased to one or two months so we should all be ready for this.

 Sahajanand Nath said that nature has given you an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and to adopt the process of sustainable development.  Being the founder of Mission Green Foundation, Swami Sahajanand Nath has been warning the country and the states many times that one day it will come that the whole world will have to go under emergency.  Today India is going through that phase. 

 He said that the present situation tells us how lonely and helpless we are.  We can avoid this situation if we adopt the process of sustainable development because, with every problem, solutions are also there.  That is why if we take measures before something like this happens, then we can avoid trouble.  Sahajanand Ji is startled by saying that we are moving towards an economic emergency, it can be avoided if we take precautions. Sahajanand Nath warned such people who are negligent and ignoring the lockdown. Hence Swami Sahajanand Nath made a humble request to the government to understand the disaster and also requested the people to follow the orders of the government and administration.

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