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India has a lot of surprises to offer from mountains, beaches, plains, backwaters, adventure activities, islands, wildlife, and spiritual tour to bustling metropolitan and romantic getaways.

These surprises become more alluring when you are in college and have a group of enthusiastic backpacker friends who are always ready to explore new places. The college days are the best to take pleasure in trips.

Here we are unfolding few must-visit sites in India for students to explore alone or with their group of friends.


Goa is one of the most popular and planned destinations in India among students. And if you haven’t planned a trip here yet, do it right away. Goa is a trance world and everything here is as easy as it seems. Beaches, parties, adventure activities, amusing water sports, a wide range of cuisines, exciting nightlife and the list goes on.

A huge relief from the deadlines, semesters, and projects could be attained in the colorful life of Goa in a few days. Beaches like Calangute and Baga are always a good choice.

Goa is like a cherry on the cake on weekends because of the transition of West as well as the East. So get your backpacks ready to explore the shades of Goa.


Best and cheap options are always on the mind when you travel as a student. Rajasthan is one of the options for you. To experience the rich elegance of the desert and the culture, students should always go for this place. To understand the ethnicity of Rajasthan at affordable prices, head over to Jaipur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and so on.

The magnificent and majestic forts, the traditional folktales, royal palaces are all the enthralling features of this place. Introducing the royal environment, Rajasthan opens a chunk of history. Beautiful landmarks to add on your list are – Jaisalmer Fort, City Palace Jaipur, Hawamahal, Ranthambore National Park, and so on.

Grab your rucksack and head over here with your friends or alone to explore and get amazed by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


If you or your friends are mostly into the spiritual essence of life, then Sikkim is the right place for you. Sikkim is like the book of tranquility and peace. Its breathtaking natural environment makes it one of the awestruck beauties, India has to provide. Traveling to Sikkim is like unmapping the North – Eastern culture and beauty in its own spree. If you are one of them who like to trek, Sikkim has a lot to entertain you. The alpine meadows, monasteries, glaciers make this place a small potential paradise in itself.

Solo trip or a tour with your gang to Pelling, Gangtok, Rumtek Monastery, etc will surely ignite peace within you and will give you the energy to start fresh in your life when you go back to your daily routine.


One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of India is Hampi. An open museum adorned with the enthralling architecture; most of them are religious buildings. It lies in the northern state of Karnataka.

Elephant stables and tombs, striking archaeological sites and divine temples are all the major attractions that Hampi offers. The Virupaksha temple is one of the elegant places to visit, followed by Vijay Vittal temple, Royal archaeological sites, and many more.

Like Rajasthan is the beautiful heritage of North India, Hampi could be considered as one in the South.


The hidden splendor of India actually lies in the Eastern states of India. Meghalaya stands as proof for the aforementioned statement. The popular state capital “Shillong” known as ‘Scotland of India’ invites an abundance of visitors every year. Meghalaya could be covered in a low budget and therefore is the best choice for students. Exotic caves, waterfalls, lush valleys are the mesmerizing attractions. Shillong, Krem Dam Cave, Cherrapunjee are the must-visit spots.


One of the largest union territories of India is Puducherry. Beaches, finest wines, Ashrams, and museums are major attractions to visit. The peace and tranquility of this place are beyond words. It is one of the cheap thrills students can afford either it is a solo trip or a group trip.


If you and your group of friends are yoga freaks, Rishikesh is an ideal destination for you all. The spiritual seekers are always welcomed to this land where yoga actually originated. There are several backpacker hostels to stay as well. An old and beautiful charm can be retained from the town’s lane and alleys.

To mingle with nature as one, camping and rafting are among the few activities there. Students just need 50 rupees for entry. There are few groovy cafes at Lakshman Jhula which offers the view of Ganges River with delightful international food.


It is one of the best beaches in India besides Kovalam beach in Kerala itself. It’s significantly popular among the backpackers because of the Bohemian vibes it is constituted with. The magical clifftop setting with a long paved route lined by coconut palms, beach shacks and shops creates a chilled and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a tranquil alternative choice compared to Kovalam beach.

Youth backpackers are always attracted to this place and they could make it one of the best outings for a break.


One of the most enchanting and distinct regions of India is Leh Ladakh. A bike trip to Leh Ladakh is the first adventure dream of most of the youth in India. Either planning your own trip or going along with a group of bikers; Leh Ladakh would meet all the desired hopes of adventure travel for sure.


Golden tips for those drafting their way to anywhere in India for thrilling backpacking trips are as follows.


Choose public transports like bus or train for a better experience as well as for a safer ride instead of hiring a private taxi, ola or uber when traveling alone which is still unsafe sometimes and expensive as well. Yet, if you have a group of friends, private vehicles would be more favorable. And if you are still wandering for an adventurous and a better trip, hitchhiking is still an option.


Packing lighter stuff or necessary essentials in the carry-on (slingback/neck bag) is always advisable. Wearing pants with few pockets would also be helpful because you could store more for handy use.


If certain places you are about to visit require some sort of dress code abide by the same. Disregarding culture is not going to be advantageous for you in any way.


Make it a point to adjust and relieve yourself from hefty payments. Try free home possibilities or homestay in return to any skills you possess with any alignment to the chain of hotels. Hostels are also the best choice to accommodate yourself during backpacking trips.

  • BASIC :

Carrying a first aid kit, water fillers, enough snacks, bottles turn really beneficial in the long run especially when you are traveling in India. You never know the purity of basic food items or local water you receive along your way to the destination.

So choose your favorite destination from above backpacking trips in India and make some memories with your friends.

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