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PUDUCHERRY: Explore Little France in India

3 years ago

As far as can be seen, there is an unlimited ocean visible, dry and wet sand under the feet, the sun sinking on one side and new growing on another Puducherry is totally a bliss. The same Puducherry, which was once called ‘Pondicherry‘ and was the property of the French.

Situated at a distance of 160 km south of Chennai Puducherry has been a colony of France since the early eighteenth century. It is a charming Indian city with a vibrant specimen of France’s cultural heritage and shelter beyond the sea. Puducherry is a union territory with other French destinations — Karaikal (Tamil Nadu), Mahe (Kerala), Yanam (Andhra Pradesh).

The specialty of this city is the confluence of well-planned city and French-Tamil architecture. The city is built on the model of the 18th century fortified seaside city of France ‘Bastide’.

Paradise Beach
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Enriched with ocean and unique architecture, Pondicherry/Puducherry gives a pleasant feeling to the travelers visiting here. The entire city is built on a grid pattern and is known to have the most significant French influence. Many streets in the city have French names and houses made of colonial architecture offer a spectacular view to the travelers.

Promenade Beach
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The city has four great beaches – Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach, Serenity Beach, and Auroville Beach which provide a new holiday experience to the visitors. Another major attraction of this place, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, is the famous ashram and yoga center of India. Sri Aurobindo founded the Aurobindo Ashram in 1926 to increase spiritual power away from the life of this race. People from all over the world come here in search of the spirit.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram
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Meera Alfassa (also known as Mother) created the Spiritual collaborate for Sri Aurobindo in 1968. Her only goal was that people from all over the world could come here and find peace. Conceived as the ‘Universal Town’, Auroville is an experimental township where people from across the world of all cultures and traditions come and live together in peace.

Matrimandir at Auroville
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Puducherry is famous for its churches. There are 32 churches in Pondicherry. The names of churches such as Lady Angel Church, Duplex Church, Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus are counted among the older and important churches.

Basilica of Sacred Heart
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The old lighthouse built-in 1836 is the most popular landmark of Puducherry. This lighthouse is the center of attraction for tourists today.

French war memorial

French war Memorial
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Four pillars stand in commemoration of soldiers martyred in World War-1. A short distance from it is the Statue of Duplex, which was built in memory of Joseph Francosis.

Other places to visit in Puducherry are Rock Beach, Ouster Lake, Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Ouster Wetland and National Park, Meeran Mosque, Ananda Ranga Pillai Mansion, etc.

Also influenced by East and West culture, Puducherry finds unique items like handicrafts made of leather, pottery, hand-drawn paper, incense and old colonial furniture, etc.

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