After Knee Replacement do’s and Don’ts

3 years ago

A knee joint replacement surgery is nowadays a technique used by orthopedists to cure knee pain in patients. Knee replacement surgeries re-energize the patient to live a pain-free life. Undergoing Knee replacement surgery is not a that difficult task but moreover, the post-surgery care or measures are more difficult and important.

The Patient should follow the consultations given by ortho surgeon and exercises that are prescribed by the physiotherapist diligently in the initial weeks after surgery.

The things that a patient should do’s and don’ts after knee replacement surgery can be:

1. Cleaning wounds in knee replacement surgery is easy and fear-free. After removal of stitches, the area must be cleaned, washed with soap and make it dry with a soft cloth. Apply coconut oil on a regular basis. Never scratch the wound.

2. Daily Exercise: Exercise on a daily basis is must to do task post-operation. Exercise is essential before surgery too but after it, it’s an integral part of the routine. A 30 min exercise, is necessary that strengthen the muscles.

2. Walking is necessary but after 4-6 months, increase in distance and speed should be there. Walking is much more necessary than exercising. After 3 months, a person should walk approx. 3 km in a day.

3. Weight reduction is desirable before and after surgery for high mobility of bones.

4. Diabetic patients should take extra care and work in controlling the blood sugar level-so that wound gets no infection.

5. Don’t try to sit with cross legs or on floor.

6. Total Knee replacement patients must visit the orthopaedician on a timely basis for checking of any defect or loosening in the joint.

Apart from all these steps, the positive attitude of the patient and the moral support of family is more important for a patient to recover from the surgery.

Seema Jain

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