World Senior Citizen Day 2019: Respect the pillars of our Society

3 years ago

Elders are the repository of experiences for the whole society, the design of the past and the reverence of all. If he is rightly respected in society and his deep experiences are taken advantage of, he can play an important role in our progress. But the younger generation today seems to have forgotten to respect the elders, they see nothing except themselves and their interest is hidden in them and they begin to consider the elders in the family as a burden on themselves.

A man loves his family more than his life, for whose happiness he forgets his sorrow and happiness and abandons everything but as he grows older, he is considered insignificant.

It was decided by the United Nations to celebrate International Senior citizens Day on August 21 every year in 1988 to prevent atrocities, ill-treatment of the elderly around the world, as well as to make the elderly aware of their rights. Today, the condition of the elderly is very fragile all over the country, they feel helpless everywhere, according to a figure, one in every five elders in the country is forced to live a lonely life, despite being their own family.

In 1999, the Government of India made a policy regarding the elderly, according to which senior citizens have to help them in health care, financial security, etc. According to this policy, special attention will be given to protect the life of the elderly. That is why we have to understand from today that senior citizens are our priceless heritage of the world, they gave us so much, so respect them.

Seema Jain

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