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Sports Injuries: 5 tips on how to prevent them from occurring

1 year ago

Sports injuries are likely a part of an athlete’s life. Whether practicing football, soccer, or hockey, cricket most players in their life will suffer some kind of sports injury. These sports injuries can be minor to career-ending and can affect from children to adults. A big neglecting to these injuries can lead to arthritis and even severe deformities later on in life. Thus, Prevention of these sports injuries is very necessary in order to get maximum efficiency out of the body.

Dr. Amit Saini ( Orthopaedician, Sapra Multispeciality Hospital, Hisar) gave some sports injuries prevention tips to follow for healthy bones.

 1. Good diet: Feeding your body the correct blend of healthy protein and carbohydrates will increase stamina. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet on a continuous ground, not just on days when you participate in your favorite sport. Fruits, vegetables and right amount of calcium are essential for overall health.

2. Use the correct safety equipment: Dr. Amit Saini warns that athlete or sports person should take care of their protective pads and helmet to be used in the sports. These protective things shouldn’t be faulty or defective in any case.

3. Keep the body hydrated: Before, during and after your activities and gaming sessions, it is essential to drink liquids including water and electrolyte-rich liquids. Proper hydration enables your brain function at its finest, reducing the probability of cramping and showing bad shape that can result in sports injuries.

4. Always look for therapy:  Dr.  Amit Saini suggests whenever an athlete met with an accident or an injury, he/ she should stop playing for some moment and take a rest before going to join for next match. Meeting an orthopedic surgeon, particularly one who is a sports medicine partner, is a good method to determine how long you have to take rest.

5. You can take advantage of strength training activities to improve efficiency and preventing injuries. Which conditioning exercises are ideal for you, always consult specified trainer and coach.

Being an athlete or sports person, at any point in time you can experience injuries in spite of following all the preventive measures. Be sure to consult an orthopedic surgeon if you do sustain an orthopedic sports injury.

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