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8 Reasons why you should visit Cardiologist as early as possible

4 years ago

If we look at the statistics, heart disease is the number one killer of Indians. We often neglect the symptoms of heart disease and keep on wandering whether to see a cardiologist or not. If at any point in time, you are at risk of heart disease, a routine check-up with a cardiologist can help you to be on top of your heart health.

Dr. Dinesh Sehgal, Interventional cardiologist, Sapra multispeciality Hospital explain some signs and reasons that give you an alarm why you should visit the heart physician for maintaining a healthy heart:

1. High Cholesterol level: When the total value of Cholesterol (HDL and LDL) becomes high, your risk for heart disease increases. Always keep a check on cholesterol level with the guidance of your doctor.

2. High Blood Pressure: If you are suffering from high blood pressure and it constantly remains high, then you are at high risk of having heart disease.

3. If you are or were a smoker, you have an increased rate of heart disease. Cigarette smoking is injurious not only for lungs but it also damages the lining of arteries wall and causes blockages.

Stop smoking now.

4. Genetics play an important role in determining the rate of Heart disease. If your parents or forefathers were having heart issues, then it is likely that you also can face Heart diseases.

5. Diabetic patients whose blood sugar level remains high are more susceptible to suffer from High BP, High Cholesterol and Obesity.

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6. Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is a condition in which an expectant mother develops high blood pressure. The condition has been linked to a fourfold increase in the risk of heart failure, making pregnancy the most dangerous time for a woman’s heart outside of the post-menopausal years.

7. Tooth and Gum Disease: Patients with swollen gums often have heart disease.

8. Last but not least, when your family doctor or Physician recommends you to see a cardiologist, you must pay attention to their words and visit the specialized physician as soon as possible.

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