WhatsApp will now show photos and videos in a bigger size

2 years ago

WhatsApp- the most used messaging app has updated a small feature for users. With the new update introduced, a user can now view a bigger view of photos and videos in chats. Now the videos and photos sent in the chat will be displayed in a bigger format.

WhatsApp’s new feature is announced in a tweet with an example of how it works. The company mentioned, Photos and videos in WhatsApp are now even bigger, so no one will be left out of the picture! That’s the perfect reason to smile

Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Presently, Photos sent on WhatsApp appear a little cropped, and users have to open them to view the full image. With the new update, the full image and video in the chat will be shown.

Twitter has also recently launched this feature with full-view images on the timeline. This feature allows pictures to appear in a bigger size rather than in half, as they do now. As a result, the picture you tweeted would appear exactly as it does in the tweet composer.

Seema Jain

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