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With Netflix’s Play something Button, user can easily decide what to watch

1 year ago

The OTT platform Netflix on Wednesday officially launched the ‘Play Something’,  feature for the users. The Play something Netflix feature will play a new series or film based on what you’ve watched before. With Play something else, a user will get a series or film already watching, or an unfinished series or film “you may want to revisit”.

The new feature Play something is available in the TV app, Underneath the user profile name, on the tenth row on the Netflix homepage, and on the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

Play Something fully supports Text-to-Speech (TTS). The moments where choosing is hard is when to Play something works.

When the Play Something feature is switched on it will be indicated with a border on the panel, and the button on the right side. You can click the ‘Play Something Else’ button to turn to the next series or video. By pressing the exit button in the top left corner of the screen, you can return to regular Netflix use

Seema Jain

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