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Instagram launches captions sticker in Stories; will be available globally in some time

1 year ago

Instagram has added a new update, captions sticker to its Stories feature. In March of this year, Instagram was seen testing this feature. Speech in videos will be auto-captioned with the latest captions sticker in Stories. The captions sticker is currently only available in a few countries, but Instagram expects to expand it soon. Reels will also get captions, according to the company.

After you finished recording your video, press the captions sticker, and the speech in the video will be auto-translated. Instagram allows you to choose from a variety of fonts and change the color of your captions.  It’s likely that the transcript will not be accurate, so there’s also the opportunity to edit words in captions.

This function is expected to gain popularity, and it is also beneficial to people who have hearing impairments.

Seema Jain

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