Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

3 years ago

Human is a social animal. He can’t live without society and to live in this world, he has to interact with the people. There are some individuals who are very interactive, out- going and love to meet new people but there will be some who are opposite of this. They hate being interactive, going in parties, fear of strangers and do less communication in public.

The fear, worry and discomfort of an individual in public, social function is a mental health disorder termed as Social Anxiety disorder. A person suffering from social anxiety disorder may feel embarrassment in social situations. He is fearful of being scrutinized by others while meeting them. This is also called as Social phobia.

The symptoms of Social anxiety disorder are many and can be differentiate into behavioral, physical and emotional.

Physical signs include:

Avoiding eye contact



High Heart Beat

Shaking voice and trembling hands

Excessive sweating

Mental tension, walking disturbance, cold hands etc are physical symptoms.

Emotional Signs include:

Fear of talking and sitting with strangers

Extreme concerned about their looks when in society

Try to avoid those conditions where they can be center of attraction

Panic attacks when face hostile situations

Blank mind during communicating with others

Fear of going in a room which is full of people

The people suffering from social anxiety disorder are over sensitive, have low self esteem and generally talk negative about them. The causes of social anxiety can be many like genetic, physical and past experiences and are different in different individuals that can only be diagnosed rightly by the clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Social anxiety disorder is a lifelong condition. Treatments like psychotherapy and medications can help people control their symptoms and gain confidence.

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