Take the psychologists help in deciding the Career path

3 years ago

Deciding on career is very difficult for an individual whether he is of teenage or of adulthood. This is the most cumbersome task at any stage of life. When in ignorance, a person goes for wrong path or job can lead to stress and depression. That Person is not able to give his best. Thus, it is crucial to select a fulfilling career for the mental well being. When choosing a career or finding a new job when one proves unsatisfying or frustrating, the services of a career counselor may be helpful.

A career counselor could be a helping hand, volunteer, guide and therapist, who will provide career information, career development tips, can interpret aptitude and abilities of the person. A wide variety of areas are there before a person while deciding on a career.  He might not be able to get or collect information on each and every area. That’ when counseling plays an important part. Counseling helps in assessing one’s ability, interests, skills, need and desires and provides them valuable information on the areas and according to their need.

In career counseling session, clinical psychologists use certain psychological assessment tests, IQ test and aptitude test to determine the interest, kind of personality and skills of a child. There are some common topics that a counselor may discuss during career counseling session can be:

  • Skills and talent required for a career
  • Potential earnings of various careers
  • Working style of the individual.
  • Educational requirement of the careers. How much efforts one has to put while going for a certain path.

The therapist or clinical psychologist helps identify resources, financial aid resources and ways to manage stress.

Seema Jain