Salary Negotiation Tips & Strategies

3 years ago

Going for an interview is not that stressful that talking about salary, additional benefits etc. People fear of negotiating the salaries but it is scarier if not done. Before going for negotiations, employee should be aware of his skills and experience worth in the market with respect to how much job is worth of?

Salary negotiation is an integral part of any interview process and it is not completely done until you get the Offer Letter with your desired pay package.

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Here are some expert tips on salary negotiation techniques, what to say, how to say and what not to say during that time.

  • Never start the negotiation from your side. It sends a negative signal to the employer. It shows that you are much interested in the money rather than in job. And also if recruiter tries to your focus your attention on salary, shift the focus on your talents, skills and what you intend to bring to the table.
  • If forced to give insight about salary in number, never give any exact detail. Keep a salary range according to the job profile and skills. For this, you can research on the others what amount they are getting at the same level.Also, the best answer would be to say as per industry standards.
  • Never reveal your personal financial detail to the employer for getting salary hike.
  • Treat your negotiation as a healthy talk. Use positive phrases like’ we can look forward on this’, ‘Surely I will consider your view point’. Play it cool and try to work out a way that works for both the parties. Don’t get emotional and get rough during negotiation talks; keep it as friendly as possible.
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  • Show your accomplishments and achievements to the manager. Brag your true worth in such a manner that employer can’t refuse to give the amount that you have in mind. Statistics and numbers that prove how you’ve added to the revenue, savings, efficiency, and productivity of your current employer will help you to get extra perks. This is a perfect strategy.

So, to make the salary negotiation a fruitful task – always prepare for the interview in advance highlighting technical skills, accomplishments,contributions to the team in the past with quantifiable results and ultimately what you bring-in along with you to the current role.Be aware of the industry pay standards of the role and negotiate accordingly so that you don’t quote unrealistic numbers.

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