spinal osteoarthritis

Spinal osteoarthritis: Know its symptoms

3 years ago

Osteoarthritis a term very common nowadays is a degenerative joint disease. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage, an elastic tissue that protects joints and provides the lubrication for normal joint function start degenerating. This deterioration of cartilage can affect any joint of the body like spine, hands, knees, hips etc.

 Dr. Amit Saini, Consultant orthopedician at Sapra multispeciality Hospital, Hisar aware that Spine osteoarthritis is common among all and extremely painful. In this case, joint become stiff due fluid buildup during the long inactivity of bones. That’s why stiffness became worse in the morning but with some physical activity, it reduces later on.

The symptoms of spinal Osteoarthritis include back pain. When a person sits upright or stand, the pain became worse. The flexibility of the joints reduces in the spinal osteoarthritis. A sensation of pinching, tingling, or numbness in a nerve or the spinal cord can occur. Sound of bone rubbing can also be heard in some extreme cases.

As this is a progressive degenerative disease, it became worse with the passage of time. Dr. Amit Saini said “early diagnosis with the help of orthopedic surgeon and following the steps prescribed can help in treating the spinal osteoarthritis:

  • Do strengthening exercises
  • Reduce weight
  • Anti inflammatory medications
  • Heat or cold therapy
  • Make some changes in lifestyle. Include walking, swimming, aerobic activities, and yoga.

Never ignore the symptoms and talk to your orthopedician if you have pain, numbness, weakness, or swelling in your back — or in any part of your body.

Seema Jain

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