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How to keep Joints strong during winters

2 years ago

There are some vital tips given by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Amit Saini to keep your joints strong and flexible during the winter season. It is essential to keep joints healthy during winters as sunlight which helps in absorption of vitamin D become restricted and also the blood flow to the peripheral areas in the body decreases. When blood supply reduces, it leads to joint stiffness and pain.

So to keep the joints healthy and strong, follow the tips given by Dr. Amit Saini (Joint replacement surgeon at Sapra Multispecialty Hospital)

1. Replenish your diet with essential vitamins

Keep your bones strong this winter by packing your diet with healthy calcium-containing foods or vitamin-like D, K and C which helps in absorption of calcium. Milk and yogurt are the natural choices, but there are lots of vegetable sources too, from leafy greens to oranges, lemon.

Vitamin D from Sun

2. Keep the joints and bones warm

It is crucial to keep the joints warm. Your muscles tense and stiffen when you feel cold and shiver, making them more susceptible to injury and general discomfort. Warm water shower and thermals will keep your joints warm, flexible and revive the arthritis pain.

3. Exercising

Frequent exercising and brisk walking are necessary for the active joints in the winter. Exercising helps in strengthening of muscles and maintaining the body weight.

4. Limit the use of sodas and tea/coffee

Caffeinated drinks and other fizzy beverages reduce calcium absorption. And calcium deficiency can cause bone problems. Therefore, apart from having calcium-rich food, one should avoid having fizzy drinks so that the body absorbs the calcium you are having.

Say no to Caffeinated Beverages

5. Right posture is Necessary

Half of the problems of joints are due to wrong posture habits. Right sitting and standing postures are necessary to keep the joint strong. Take care of your joints when you lift and carry heavy stuff.

Right posture

Thus follow these simple habits and keep your joints and bones warm. If pain persists and joints get stiff, ask for the help of orthopedists.

orthopedist in hisar

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