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Our body joints are connected through a band of tissues called Ligaments. The knee joint has a key ligament called Anterior cruciate Ligament (ACL) which connects the thighbone (femur) to shinbone (tibia) and helps in stabilizing the knee joint. This ACL gets injured in sports and athlete persons more as compare to any other normal individual. ACL can tear at any age and more often in individuals who are indulged in sports like soccer, football, basketball or volleyball.

How an ACL can tear

The main reasons for getting ACL tear are when you stop suddenly while running, Jumping or landing with straightened Knee and abruptly stretching the knee.

Dr. Amit Saini (Leading orthopedician in Hisar) telling the symptoms of torn out ACL which usually include: popping sensation in the knee, swelling, severe pain, and instability. Based on the severity of ACL, orthopedician suggest you rest or surgery as a treatment option.

After your ACL surgery, the body requires a long time for rehabilitation. But this long rehabilitation time is not liked by sports people. They always wanted to go back to sports as soon as possible. But there must be some tips that they should follow after the reconstruction includes:

1. Reduce the swelling

After the surgery, elevate your leg as much as possible. Do the cold compressing technique to get relieved from the swelling.

2. Use Knee Support

Always use the Knee support, before going to any activity or sports. Knee Brace is very necessary for an individual who has undergone ACL surgery.

3.  Do exercises to keep the blood moving in your foot, ankle, and leg so that no blood clot occurs.

4. Consult the physical therapist who will give you an exercise program to help you build strength in your knee and avoid injury.

5. Rest as much as possible.

6. Think positive and stay motivated during the rehabilitation time as most of the patients are not able to return to their sports just because of their lack of will power and motivation.

If you have any questions about ACL tear surgery or rehabilitation, consult the orthopedician.

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