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Easy and useful remedies for Joint Pain by Dr. Amit Saini

2 years ago

Pain is the communication tool that the body uses to express when something which is not suitable to our body occurs. Pain can be caused due to no. of reasons and every individual have a different perspective to deal with it. Some try to heal it with medicines and others with home remedies. Thus, people having different experiences related to pain, it can be classified into two forms mainly, Acute and Chronic Pain.

Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute is that form of pain that occurs suddenly and lasts for a short period only. It can occur when an injury occurs to tissue, bone or muscle whereas chronic pain lasts longer and occurs due to some long term illness. It can be due to tissue damage also.

Knee pain or joint pain is a chronic pain condition that causes a person to suffer every now and then. It causes hurdles in the progress of an individual. Joint pain can be defined as pain or other discomforts in one or more joints. It can be caused due to an injury to any of the structures such as ligaments, bones, or tendons surrounding the joint. Thus it is important to secure the joint by maintaining the health of surrounding ligaments.

Here are some tips Dr. Amit Saini recommends everyone should follow to maintain healthy joints:

Shed weight, if obese: Knees are the pillars of the human body that carry whole weight. If a person is having extra weight than require, pillars will get damaged. Thus, to reduce pressure on the knees, a person should maintain body weight. He has to shed extra kilos to have healthy knees.

Do light exercises: Regular exercise can reduce some pain of the person suffering from joint pain. He should not go for harsh exercises as it can cause more damage to the tissues and ligaments. Brisk walking can ease mobility and reduce pain too.

Have a Nutritional diet: Consuming calcium and the right quotient of Vitamin D can help to improve the muscle strength. Thus, to maintain muscle strength, proper dietary requirements should be taken. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium, but other options are green, leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale.

Watch the Posture: Sitting, walking, standing and lying posture of an individual affects the joint health as the wrong posture will pressurize them in the wrong direction. Thus, we should maintain the right posture to prevent joint pain.

Be in movement: Anything that keeps on moving, stay active. Thus, to keep your joints healthy and active, do not sit in a single position for long. Try to change position more often to reduce joint pain.

If pain persists, see an orthopaedician right away for treatment.

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