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Hisar News


Feb 29, 2020

A seminar on WordPress was organized on 28 February at Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing. The seminar was conducted by Shruti Jain- trainee at HIDM under the guidance of Manmohan Singla, Instructor, and Director of HIDM. The seminar provided information about the Content Management System, what is WordPress, WordPress installation, benefits, and basic features of […]

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5 ways to keep bones healthy and strong

Feb 26, 2020

Bones provide the basic structure to the human body. Bones also play other functions like protecting the organs, attaching muscles, etc. As a person ages, the bone density keeps on decreasing because the born formation process slows down and old bone degeneration process fastens up which ultimately leads to osteoporosis. In osteoporosis, bones may become […]

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8 tips of skin detoxing big-plus

8 tips to Detoxify your skin

Feb 25, 2020

Detox or Detoxification is the most popular word in recent years it simply means to remove toxins from your body by following a specific diet or using special products. Detoxing does not mean that you will have to start consuming lemon juice or stop eating for a month, the skin is the largest organ in […]

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