Manmohan Singla Receives Excellence Award 2018 in field of Digital Marketing

2 years ago

Hisar | 24 March

Media solutions and Yugmarg Newspaper  instituted the Excellence Awards 2018 to recognize the budding talent of city who invested their sweat and tears to give shape to their own dreams. The event held in early April 2018 where they gave awards to people from various fields who performed very well in their respected field.

Manmohan Singla, the Director of Digital Hisar got the Award for exemplary work in the field of Digital Marketing. The award was presented by Mr. Vipul Goyal (Industrial and Environment Minister of Haryana).  CPS Dr. Kamla Gupta and Ms. Shelly Kochar  (Ms. India 2016) was the Chief guest.


In an interview with the Press, Manmohan Singla stated that Digital Marketing is an art. It is not a one night fight, it requires continuous efforts and then one can attain excellence. As our country is getting advanced and digitalised, so marketing also. When your prospect like to do online shopping , then every business need to get digitalised to be in notice of him. That’s how Digital Market is growing now a days. When asked about Digital Hisar, he told that it is an initiative started for the people of  Hisar, where they will get information about each and every business of the city whether it is school, colleges, automobiles, salons, garments, etc. More than 30k business are listed here. He thanked his family, friends who supported him in ups and down and organizing committee who recognized his work.





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