One in eight person is suffering from high blood pressure – Dr. Dinesh Sehgal

4 years ago

 High blood pressure has engulfed people at a fast pace. Study shows that out of 8 people 1 people above 30yrs of age is suffering from high Blood Pressure. The above survey was done by ministry of health in 100 district on 22.5 millions people. The other aspect that came from the survey is that hypertension has become an alarming concern of doctors. The survey that has come up before world hypertension day states that ratio of hypertension diagnosed people are increasing at a greater pace. The watershed observation that alarmed practitioners are that the rural persons are diagnosed more with hypertension than urban people as stated by Dr. Dinesh sehgal.
Change in lifestyle is need of an hour- Dr. Sehgal. On this issue Dr. Sehgal said less salt intake, control on weight ,healthy food habits, regular physical workouts etc can be the deciding factor in controlling blood pressure. The person must control hypertension as high Blood Pressure  is related to all other functioning of body organs so if a person diagnosed with high Blood Pressure should follow regular checkups and medicines on doctors advice.

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