Yamunotri: The source of river Yamuna

3 years ago

In the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarkashi District, Yamunotri, a sacred place among Char Dham is located. From Yamunotri originates the river Yamuna. The Yamunotri glacier is located at an altitude of 3293 meters and surrounded by lush green forests and vegetation, and snow-covered mountains from all sides. It lies just below the Kalind peak. That’s why coming out from Kalind Parbat, the Yamuna is also known as Kalindi.

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To the north of the Yamuna lies Bandarpooch mountain which is believed to be the place where Lord hanuman quenched his tail’s fire after burning the Lanka. Near the river source, the Yamunotri temple is situated dedicated to the goddess Yamuna. The goddess Yamuna resides in a temple in a black marble idol. It is a sacred place like the Gangotri temple. The temple remains closed during winters after Diwali till Akshaya Tritiya in April-May. 

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A small hot water spring known as Surya Kund is there near the Yamuna river where devotees boil rice and potatoes tied in a muslin cloth.  Near Surya Kund, there is a Shila called Divya Shila, which is worshipped before puja is offered to the deity. Rice and potatoes made at Surya Kund offer at the shrine and rest taken as Prasad.

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For photography enthusiasts, the environment of the place is best. The scenic beauty, snow-covered mountains, flora, and fauna attract tourists. For adventure seekers, camping and trekking can be done at Yamunotri.

The best time to visit this holy place is from May to November avoiding the monsoon season as it can be a risky affair due to landslides. The Yamunotri is easily accessible through all means of transport from Rishikesh and Dehradun.

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