Gangotri: the origin of sacred Ganga and Char Dham yatra

4 years ago

Among the famous char Dham pilgrimage, Gangotri situated in Uttarkashi is one of the major spots from where sacred river Ganga originates. It is believed that to wash away the sins his forefathers, goddess Ganga transformed herself into a river but to reduce her impact, Lord shiva gathers her into his locks. The river Ganga originates from the Gangotri glacier and is known as Bhagirathi. When it reaches the Devprayag and met with Alaknanda, then it is termed as Ganga or Holy Ganges.

Situated at a height of 3042m, Gangotri is a highly pious and sacred place for Hindus. There are no words that can describe the beauty and sanctity of the place. Snow clad mountains and clear water of  Ganga flowing around make the place more serene and peaceful. The aura of the Gangotri is unimaginable, devotees can feel the presence of god there.

Gangotri temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga is the most important shrine for the devotees traveling to Gangotri. The nearby places that attract tourists from all over are Tapovan, Bhairon Ghati, Submerged Shivling, Gaumukh Glacier, Harsil, etc

Gangotri temple remains closed for 6 months in a year due to harsh weather conditions. It gets open in the April-May and gets closed after Diwali festival.

To reach Gangotri, people can have all the means of transport. It is well connected through road, rail, and airways. Jolly Grant Airport and Rishikesh are the nearest airport and railway station respectively to the Gangotri. From here, Gangotri can be reached through road.

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