World Earth Day: Save environment before it’s too late

4 years ago

With an aim of saving all the living organisms and trees and to spread the awareness about environment safety around the world, on April 22, ‘Earth Day’ is celebrated. This tradition, introduced in 1970, has been adopted by 192 countries with open arms today.

The event was first celebrated nationally in 1970, but its inception began following a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA in 1969. Earth day continued to grow over the years. In 1990, it went global, and 200 million people in 141 countries participated in the event, according to the Earth day Network.

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It’s not a day to only wish happy Earth day and not doing anything for the mother Earth. We should pledge not to harm the environment, will do less use of plastic, focus on resuse, recycle policy, planting trees and saving the endangered species. All living things have an intrinsic value and play an important role in the web of life. We all have to work together to save our Mother Earth.

Pic credit: Google

Seema Jain

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