How to choose Right Career Prospect after 10th

4 years ago

As month of March comes to an end, the stress level of some students decrease but that of passing matriculation is on peak. Why this is so? This is because it’s a crucial time for them to decide their future by choosing right career path. Every child of this age faces lot of difficulties in deciding the right stream because of unawareness about the career options and self interest. They run after their peer group or family decision, which will result in poor performance and dropping the subject after 12th.  So, it is wiser if students have done the thorough research about the subjects, its benefits, and own strengths and weakness too.

The three major streams from which a student has to decide are Science, Commerce and Humanities. Science has further two options: Medical/ Non Medical and humanities has number of options. Thus, it is quite cumbersome to decide. There are some steps every student should take before taking any decision.

Before making any decision, a student must be aware about himself. It means he should have known his strengths, weaknesses, skills, interest and aptitude towards a particular subject. He should ask questions to himself.  Do I have an interest in this subject?  Can I do well in this if I choose?

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Always take guidance from the teachers, seniors, career counselors and parent as they are the ones who have experience and knowledge. Discuss your interest with them and try to find out the result. Never do according to words of other; always do you think you can give your best in. But a healthy discussion on career options will always pay you fruit.

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Attend some career and education seminars which will give you an insight about the future trends, opportunities and required skills in a particular stream. It will help you to choose the right stream.

Thus, at last after analyzing self and seeking ideas from others, it’s time to the take the final step. Just make up your mind and choose the right career path.

Seema Jain

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