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WhatsApp Update: Animated stickers for users

2 years ago

The most loved chit-chat app around the globe- WhatsApp is continuously updating itself and brings new features for users to make their communication process simple, reliable, and private.

After introducing dark mode on the web, QR code for saving new contact, WhatsApp introduces animated stickers update for the users. Now users can have GIF-like stickers in their chat. Earlier, WhatsApp Animated stickers were first available to beta users on Android and iOS but now the new animated stickers are available on WhatsApp’s Android and iOS apps too.

The new feature of animated stickers can be downloaded after updating the WhatsApp from Google Play Store and App Store to its latest version. WhatsApp animated stickers are available where WhatsApp stores its stickers. You can download the animated sticker pack the same way you download the WhatsApp stickers. After downloading, they’ll appear in the sticker tab.

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