We now have the world first Fortnite World Cup Champions.

3 years ago

The Fortnite World Cup which was started on July 26 and ended on July 28 was a three days event in New York City and now, we have the world first Fortnite World Cup champion for Solo and Duos championship.

The Duos Final Champions of Fortnite World Cup are Nyhrox and Aquaa. Their team name is Cooler. They both won $1.5 million each. The real name of Nyhrox is Emil Bergquist Pedersen is a 16-year-old boy from Norway and the real name of Aquaa is David W is a 17-year-old boy from Austria.

The Solo Final Champion of Fortnite world Cup is Bugha and his team is Sentinels. The 16-year-old kid won whopping $3.2 million prize money for winning Fortnite World Cup. His real name is Kyle Gierdorf and he is from the United States.

Deepak Kumar

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