Microsoft acquires BlueTalon a Data Security Company

2 years ago

On July 29th Microsoft has officially announced that it has acquired BlueTalon, a data security company which provide Unified Data Access Control Solution for modern data platforms. BlueTalon works with fortune 100 companies to alienate data security blind spots and gain visibility and control of data.

According to Microsoft, “The IP and talent acquired through BlueTalon bring unique expertise at the apex of big data, security and governance. This acquisition will enhance our ability to empower enterprises across industries to digitally transform while ensuring the right use of data with centralized data governance at scale through Azure. Together with BlueTalon, we are committed to helping enterprises become data-driven companies in a secure and compliant manner. We’re excited to welcome the BlueTalon team to Microsoft and can’t wait to get started.”

The CEO of BlueTalon has also shared his words on this acquisition, “Today I’m thrilled to announce that BlueTalon has been acquired by Microsoft Corporation. Our technology and team is now focused on building deep data privacy and governance solutions as part of Azure Data. This acquisition is a huge force multiplier on BlueTalon’s mission to make data easily and safely accessible across the enterprise by providing high-quality data governance and compliance solutions”

Deepak Kumar

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