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The iron lady of Hisar Mrs. Savitri Jindal gave 15 lakhs to deal with the corona epidemic

2 years ago

 Hisar, 25 March 2020 – Smt. Savitri Jindal, former Cabinet Minister of Haryana, Emirate Chairperson of OP Jindal Group and Chairperson of Agroha Medical College, has announced a grant of Rs 15 lakh to the Chief Minister Relief Fund to deal with the Corona epidemic.  She appealed to the people to stay in their house during the lockdown period and said that ration will be sent to the needy families of Hisar. 

In a press release issued from Jindal House, Hisar, Smt. Savitri Jindal said that Bauji Shri OP Jindal always considered Hisar residents as part of his family.  That is why it is now her moral duty to stand with Hisar family during this pandemic.  Today, the Jindal family decided to give Rs 15 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through Dr. Priyanka Soni, DC of Hisar.

 She said that no person from Hisar should remain hungry.  The Jindal Institute will provide ration to every needy family.  We as a part of Hisar family, it’s our responsibility to help in challenging situations to go ahead and contribute towards society.  We pray to God that every person of the world remains safe and this time of crisis will cut without causing any harm.

 She said that this life is precious and it is necessary for all of us to be healthy.  Mrs. Jindal appealed that you all should spend time and love in the family while staying at home.  Share good things with children, educate them on good food, and living etc.  She prayed to the Goddess on first Navaratras that Maa Bhagwati should overcome this suffering that came on human civilization.

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