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Sanjay Mishra’s Guthlee Ladoo Trailer out; Based on Caste discrimination, the movie releasing on October 13

9 months ago

Sanjay Mishra’s Guthlee Ladoo trailer is released. The film by Sanjay Mishra discusses prejudice and other key societal concerns while placing a strong emphasis on the value of education rights. In the movie, Sanjay Mishra plays the role of the School principal and takes on the role of Guthlee’s main advocate for educational rights. Actors Subrat Dutta, Kalyanee Mulay, and Dhanay Sheth in addition to Sanjay Mishra play significant roles in the movie. The movie is helmed by Ishrat R Khan

The critically acclaimed film has already won 51 awards in various categories around the world. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival  2022 in the Marché du Film section.

UV Films shared the Guthlee Ladoo Trailer on X (Formerly Twitter) with the caption, “On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, UV Films releases the Guthlee Ladoo trailer! Save the date for October 13th, 2023 as Guthlee Ladoo is a remarkable journey of dreams and education. #guthlee #righttoeducation #supportguthlee #StayTuned #GaneshChaturthi

Guthlee Ladoo is a story of two close friends from an underprivileged background. Ladoo adheres to his father’s philosophy that they cannot alter their destiny and is contented with the basic life he leads. Guthlee, though, has a unique perspective. He wants to escape his challenging life. Guthlee thinks that the secret to a better future is education. The same thought of his father Mangru, who makes every effort to provide Guthlee the chance to follow his aspirations.

Guthlee’s intense desire to get out of his current situation and attend school is the main aspect of the story. Harishankar, the principal of the school, is aware of Guthlee’s tenacity and comprehends his aspirations. He is aware of Guthlee’s intense desire to learn and recognizes some of his own drive-in Guthlee. They have a unique, unspoken bond, but caste prejudices in society prevent them from connecting. Despite these difficulties, there remains a ray of hope since Guthlee’s relationship with the principal nurtures his aspirations.

What will happen to Guthlee’s future and what will be next will be known after the release of the Guthlee Ladoo on October 13.

Guthlee Ladoo Official Trailer

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