PM Modi’s 5 Vowels

PM Modi’s 5 Vowels to Redefine Business and Work Culture

2 years ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a post on LinkedIn in which he shared about life in the era of COVID-19. Coronavirus has significantly changed the contexts of Professional life by making home a new office and the internet as the new meeting room. India, a youthful nation known for its innovative enthusiasm can take the lead in providing a new work culture.

Like the 5 vowels A, E, I, O, U in the English language, PM Modi has given 5 vowels on new business and work culture. These vowels will become necessary for any business model in the post-COVID-19 world.


1.A- Adaptability

 We need to think of such a business and lifestyle that we can adapt to. So that in times of crisis, our businesses, offices, and commerce could get moving faster. Telemedicine and digital payment are prime examples of adaptability. Shop owners should invest in digital tools to keep commerce connected, especially in times of crisis.

2. E- Efficiency

Efficiency is not about how much time you spend in the office. We should think of models where efficiency and productivity matter more than the effort. Perhaps, this is the time to think about what we refer to as being efficient. 

3. I- Inclusivity

COVID-19 has made us realize the need to work on low-cost health solutions. We can see that when human activity is slow, the mother nature flourish quickly. It is important to follow such practices that reduce our impact on the planet. We should invest in innovations to make sure our farmers have access to machinery and market no matter what the situation is, our citizens can have access to essential goods. India can develop business models that give priority to caring for the poor, as well as our planet.

3. O- Opportunity

Instead of playing catch up, we need to think of opportunities COVID-19 has brought for us. Let us think about how our skill sets and our core capabilities can be used in evaluating the new opportunities areas that would emerge now.

4. U- Universalism

There are many moments in history, where countries face off against each other, but today we are together facing a common challenge. COVID-19 does not see religion, color, caste, race, religion, language or border of any country before striking. The future will be about togetherness and resilience. India’s next big ideas should have the ability to drive a positive change not merely for India but the entire humankind. 

In the end, PM Modi said that we have shifted from bringing your device(BOYD)  to work from home(WFH) and to balance official and personal life we need to devote time to fitness and follow traditional Ayurvedic practices recommended by Ministry of AYUSH and download Arogyasetu App to reduce the spread the COVID-19.

In the last PM Modi said that to think about this and contribute to the discourse. India, with the right blend of the physical and the virtual, can emerge as the global nerve center in the post-COVID-19 world. Let us rise and seize this opportunity. 

Shruti Jain

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