PM announce the opening of 3rd edition of Khelo India University Games; 200 universities will compete in 21 sports categories

1 year ago

The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, announced the 3rd edition of Khelo India University Games via video conferencing. The games will take place in Uttar Pradesh and see the participation of over 4750 athletes from more than  200 universities competing in 21 sports categories. In his address, the Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the event in promoting the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India, Great India) and fostering team spirit among athletes from different regions.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the transformative impact of sports in empowering society and changing the perception of sports as a career option. He contrasted the earlier period of negligence towards sports, where limited support hindered the progress of aspiring athletes, with the present era that values sports as a profession. The Prime Minister also referred to past instances of corruption and lack of infrastructure in sports, emphasizing the positive changes that have taken place under the Khelo India Abhiyan. The initiative has not only boosted sports infrastructure but also increased the budget for sports and provided financial assistance to athletes.

He praised the growth of Khelo India Games, which have expanded to include university and winter games, offering athletes better competition exposure and opportunities for improvement. The Prime Minister mentioned the inclusion of sports in the National Educational Policy, where it will become part of the curriculum, and the establishment of the National Sports University to strengthen the sporting ecosystem. Efforts are also being made to promote sports-specialized higher education, with Uttar Pradesh leading the way through initiatives like the Major Dhyan Chand Sports University.

The Prime Minister expressed his delight that traditional Indian sports have regained their prestige through the Khelo India program. Scholarships have been introduced to encourage indigenous sports such as Gatka, Mallakhamb, Thang-ta, Kalaripayattu, and Yogasan. He also highlighted the significant participation of women in Khelo India, with the organization of the Khelo India Women’s League in various cities. “About 23 thousand women athletes of different age groups have participated in it so far”, he said.

Addressing the athletes, the Prime Minister emphasized their role in India’s progress and urged them to take the tricolor (Indian flag) to new heights. He reflected on the broader meaning of sportsmanship, which goes beyond winning and losing, and encompasses teamwork, decorum, and following rules. The Prime Minister concluded by stating that a true champion is not only defined by victories but also by the spirit of sportsmanship and the inspiration they provide to society.

The Khelo India University Games are part of the government’s efforts to promote a sports culture and support young athletes. The games aim to provide a platform for university-level athletes to showcase their talent and contribute to the overall development of sports in India. With a focus on infrastructure development, financial assistance, and increased participation, the government seeks to create an environment conducive to sporting excellence and collective success.

The third edition of the Khelo India University Games will be held in various cities in Uttar Pradesh, with the closing ceremony taking place in Varanasi. The Games symbolize the unity and diversity of India, bringing together athletes from different regions and backgrounds to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship. The mascot of the Games, Jitu, the Swamp Deer represents the state animal of Uttar Pradesh. Through initiatives like Khelo India, the government aims to nurture the potential of young athletes, build a strong sports ecosystem, and inspire a healthier and more active nation.

Shruti Jain

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