Pediatrics diseases in Monsoon: Symptoms and Cure by Dr. Ajeet Taltia

2 years ago

Monsoon is a very beautiful season as it brings tiny droplets which relieve people from summer heat but it also opens door to diseases brought by bacteria & viruses. This is the time when chances of water borne diseases increases and these diseases affect every section of the society whether they are children, adult or senior citizen. But in case of children, prevention is better than cure formula should be applied as these can become fatal for them.  When we asked child specialist Dr. Ajeet Teltia, leading pediatrician, Sewak Sabha hospital , Hisar – Haryana about basic and easy-to-follow safety measure against common ailments plaguing children and this is what he has to say:

Dr. Ajeet Taltia – M.B.B.S. | D.C.H. Pediatrician – Sewak Sabha Hospital Hisar


Viral and Malaria
In monsoon season viral, flu, malaria and dengue along with typhoid, hepatitis, and gastroenteritis, with dehydration are the most common ailments occurring due to rain water. In stagnant rain water, mosquitoes grow rapidly and affect our health.

Symptoms of viral, flu and typhoid are continuous fever, lethargy, vomiting and less appetite.

Child should be given more of oral diet, lot of rest and periodically paracetamol to lower down the fever.

Child should be given safe drinking water, boiled water will be best to prevent infections.

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Due to the high temperature and humidity, skin ailments are common and they get aggravated by fungal infections. That’s why we should wash our children hands and feet with soap after almost every activity so that chances of infection will be less.

We should not allow children to eat road side snacks and food as they are open and unhygienic.
Use insect repellent, nets and full length clothes so that they can be saved from mosquito’s bite.

Prevention is always better than Cure but proper and timely vaccination will protect your child from these diseases.


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