Another Success of Youngest Mountaineer: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

5 years ago

“little girl with dream becomes women with vision”. This saying has been rightly proved by a seventeen year old girl of Hisar, haryana who climbed the South Africa’s highest mountain Mount Kilimanjaro. She has been awarded as the youngest mountaineer because at the age of just 16 year, she climbed the Mount Everest.


Mr. Narender Modi, Prime minister of India has also encouraged her and praised her spirit in his Man Ki Baat program. She started her climbing on 21st july and hoist the Indian flag on 24th July. Her passion has given strength to other women. She shared her experience with the thought of ‘Beti bachao Beti padhao’ and there is nothing in this world which an Indian woman can’t do. They are not liability to the nation else they are the future of India. When you achieve something, do not stop there, push yourself and do more to achieve more. A person should have strong will power to achieve their destination. The vision that shivangi has” every girl should be educated so that they can achieve their dreams.” Nation salute Ms. Shivangi Pathak on her victory and feel proud to have the youngest mountaineer from our country.

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