Panchayati Raj Day: Know 7 special things about PM Modi's address

Panchayati Raj Day: Know 7 special things about PM Modi’s address

2 years ago

PM Modi today spoke to sarpanches across the country through video conferencing on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day. The Panchayati Raj was enacted on 24 April 1993 with the 73rd Amendment Act, 1992 in the Constitution. During this time he also talked about ways to prevent infection with coronavirus. Addressing the panchayats, he said that the Coronavirus crisis has given us its biggest message, it’s the biggest lesson that we have to become self-sufficient.

 Know 7 important things about his address.

It is necessary to be self-sufficient

The PM said, “Now it has become very necessary that the villages, districts, the state should become self-sufficient for their basic needs, at their own level.” He said this corona crisis has shown that people living in the villages of the country have made us see their rites and teachings of their traditions. The update coming from the villages is also inspiring big scholars.

Two yards is necessary

The PM said, the mantra of the world right now is “two yards” or say “two yards away”. There is a lot of attention in the villages on the observance of this mantra. It is your efforts that there is a discussion in the world today how India has responded to Corona.

Global pandemic collision

The PM said, such a big crisis came, such a huge global epidemic, but in these 2-3 months we have also seen that the citizen of India, in the midst of limited resources, is fighting with them, instead of succumbing to many difficulties. It is true that the obstacles are coming, the problems are happening, but showing the strength of the resolve, moving forward with new energy, finding new ways, the work of saving the country, and advancing the country is also continuing.

The role of villages is important

In today’s situation, the beginning of taking the country forward, the beginning of making the country self-reliant, will be done only with the collective power of villages. Amidst these efforts, we have to remember that the negligence of anyone can endanger the whole village. Therefore, there is no scope for relaxation.

The PM said, there should be a sanitization campaign in the village, creating quarantine centers for people coming from the cities, worrying about the food and needs of every person, and make the common people aware about the situation.  

Cleanliness is important

PM Modi said, we have to keep in mind that physical distance, covering the mouth with face cover or mask and cleanliness of our hands is the biggest medicine to protect us from this disease in the coming days.

We have to get people out of every kind of misunderstanding. The correct information should reach every family, whether it is for rescue or for its treatment, this information must be reached. For this, you can speed up the awareness campaign by making small groups.

Efforts to provide relief to the poor

The PM said we are trying very seriously that the poor people of the village get the best healthcare, efforts. Ayushman Bharat Yojana has also emerged as a big relief for the poor of the village. Under this, nearly 1 crore of poor patients has received free treatment in the hospital.

Broadband phase

The PM said, there was a period when less than a hundred panchayats in the country were connected to the broadband. Broadband has now reached more than 1.25 lakh panchayats. Not only this, but the number of common service centers in villages is also crossing three lakhs. In the end, PM Modi said, I am sure that all of you will definitely defeat Corona with your collective efforts, by your solidarity, with your determination. With this belief, once again wish you all on Panchayati Raj Day.

Mayank Jain

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