Oral sedation Dentistry

4 years ago

You may have seen people suffering from toothache or dental problems but fear of going to dentist. Why this situation occurs that people afraid to go for dental appointment? It may be due to anxiety and fear of needles, injection and tools that dentist will use during the treatment that stops a patient from going.

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To overcome the anxiety, certain drugs are given to the patient prior to treatment which makes him calm, relaxed and will not feel the pain during the procedure. This treatment is known as oral sedation technique in dentistry. Dentists give a pill night before the appointment date or just few hours before it. In the beginning, patient can feel light headed but remains conscious during the procedure. He can feel the movements and can respond to the questions asked by the doctor.

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Before going for oral sedatives, a dentist must know the medical history of the patient. He should know whether patient is taking any other medication or suffering from health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Oral sedation method is quite effective and popular due to ease in administration. As only a pill has to take, patients get easily ready to take it. But as it is oral sedation, its level can’t be increased or decreased quickly and patient requires an escort to drive back due to effect of medication. Never take any medicine or sedative without dentist’s prescription.


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