Which Brain is active in your child?

3 years ago

Being a parent, you always wonder why your children is academically weak, socially inactive, can’t solve problems easily than others? Are you worried about this? Someone will tell you that different children will have different level of learning. This might not be the reason. The reason behind different level of activeness in children is due to different working level of right and left hemisphere of brain. Yes, our brain has two hemispheres, Right and left. Right brain is meant for creativity whereas left brain is for logical and analytical thinking. Every child use only one side of brain and that become his dominant side. This is because some children are active listeners and some are speakers. Some are artistic while others are logical thinkers. Some traits that are exhibit by right and left hemispheres active children are:

Traits shown by dominance of Right hemisphere: They are creative in nature and they learn the things through visuals. They like the things when it is available physically. They give their best when work in groups as their creative ideas come up in that situation. They don’t perform well in schools as they are disorganized and can’t concentrate on a thing.

Traits shown by dominance of left Hemisphere: These children are socially inactive and least interested in doing outdoor activities. Children with weak right hemisphere are goal oriented and they set directions for themselves. They are academically sound.

But for the overall development of the child, both right and left brain should be balanced. Balancing the mind is important for the digestive, immune and nervous system of the children. There are numerous centers which operate various brain balancing programs for children. Parent should consult the mentors or doctors to determine which part of brain is active in them and how they can go for proper brain balancing.

Seema Jain

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