Meta Verified subscription for Mobile Apps In India for Rs 699 Per month 

10 months ago

On 7 June, 2023 Meta which owns Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram  has started a verified service in India at a monthly subscription price of Rs 699 for Android and ios users. 

In the coming months, Meta has also planned to roll out verified service on the web at a subscription price of  Rs 599 per month.  For the subscription, Instagram and Facebook users will need to verify their accounts with a  Government ID. 

“We’re expanding our test of Meta Verified to India after seeing good results from our early testing in several countries globally. We’ll also continue honoring verified badges that were granted previously based on existing criteria,” Meta said.

Who is eligible to Verify?

Users must be 18 years or must be older. Applicants are required to submit a government ID that matches with the profile name and photo of the Facebook and Instagram account they are applying for. “We want to make it easier for creators to establish a presence so they can focus on building their communities on Instagram or Facebook. As we continue to expand and evolve Meta Verified globally, there will also be no changes to accounts that were previously verified,” the company said.

Kirti Aggarwal

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