Meta Introduced Threads- a new app to share text; 10 million users registered in just a few hours

11 months ago

Threads, a brand-new text-based microblogging network launched by Facebook’s parent company Meta. Users have started getting join up and creating a profile for the company’s new platform, which will compete with Twitter and is connected to its well-known photo and video-sharing app, Instagram. According to Meta, all users will have access to safety tools and features offered on Instagram, and accessibility features are already available for all users.

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed in a Threads post that more than 10 million users had already joined the app in less than seven hours after it was live. Let’s know how to sign up for Threads if the Instagram app informed you that some of your friends have already joined.

How to Sign Up for Threads?

By installing the app from the App Store or Google Play store, you can register for Threads. When you first start the app, you will be requested to sign in using your Instagram account; doing so will keep your username and verification status intact, indicating that Meta wants to maintain Threads’ close relationship with Instagram.

You’ll need to enter your login and password if you don’t already have the Instagram app loaded in order to continue. Following that, you may examine a list of the Instagram users you follow and start following them. The request to follow a user who hasn’t built a profile will be saved if you click the follow button for that individual.

As you start following people on Threads, you might notice that the feed also shows posts from unknown users. According to Meta, you can post up to 500 characters on the app. This is much higher than the default 280 characters available to users who haven’t subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Threads App

On Threads, users can be followed and unfollowed, and the app only notifies you when someone follows you. The new app allows you to designate your profile to “Private,” just like Instagram, which means that users will have to request to follow you on the network. But if you use Instagram, you can only use a private account if you’re under 16 (or under 18 in some places). Last but not least, you can only delete certain posts; nevertheless, you cannot delete your Threads profile without also deleting your Instagram account.

Users and accounts that you have blocked on Instagram, will remain blocked on Threads. The app will also let you hide specific replies from users on your posts — these will disappear for all users on the platform.

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