Let your Skin glow this Holi!

3 years ago

Holi, the festival of colours is a synonym to vibrant colours, water baloons, water sprays, lots of sweets and Gujia.

Where few love to celebrate and go mad playing with colours on the day. Few others resist coming out to play, because of the dread these colours can cause to one’s skin and hair.

Therefore, we are sharing few skin care tips for you to have your Holi, free from skin allergies, acnes or any other side effects.

1) Hydrate Yourself :

Since, you are going to play out with colours, where your lots of energy is going to be used and you may avoid  drinking water, out of carelessness. It is better to hydrate oneself with lots of fruit juice, water, coconut water etc.

One can think of water based Thandai as well, to have the feels of Holi.

2) Moustrize Your Skin :

Applying a greasy layer of some good skin care oils and lotions, can later help a lot in removing colours from the skin as oil or lotion won’t let the colour dig into the skin.

3) Cleanse :

One must cleanse one’s skin with essential cleanser or toner, after playing with colours, so as to avoid allergies, pigmentation etc.

4) Say ‘Hi’ to Sun :

One can definitely say ‘Hi’ to Sun, after applying balanced amount of sunscreen with SPF 24 or more. This can help in the prevention of Sun burn, tanning etc.

5) Avoid Grooming Services :

Just after Holi, when your skin has come into the contact of lots of colours and coloured water. One must avoid skin and hair related services, such has waxing, facial etc. As application of chemicals just after the colours, can cause serious damage to skin.

Therefore, this Holi, have a  glow on your face, without the fearing the damage to your beautiful skin.

Also, be friendly to animals, don’t throw colours on the mute ones, as this can cause a serious skin hazard to them.

Have a happy and safe Holi.


Jugaadin Team

Seema Jain

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