On world Sparrow Day: Take a pledge to conserve them

3 years ago

Every year on 20th March, the World Sparrow day is celebrated to save the tiny, chirpy and beautiful house sparrows that are on extinct in urban areas. Due to deforestation and urbanization, the little birds or sparrows are difficult to find nowadays. To save them, Nature forever society of India in collaboration with Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France started the campaign. In 2010, the first world sparrow day was organized and every year they decided a theme for the campaign. This year theme is People and Sparrow.

The day is organized to spread awareness for conserving the biodiversity of species so as to maintain the ecological balance. As sparrows are tiny creatures but their existence matter a lot to the environment. We should place water bowls and some grains on our rooftop to fed them and plant as many trees as possible to give them their natural habitat.  Thus conserving and saving them from getting extinct is our moral duty.

Seema Jain

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