Know Your Child and show them way to Success

3 years ago

Childhood is an age when life is enjoyed without any stress. Laughing, smiling, mischief, churning, stirring and stubbornness are the qualities that define childhood. To be true, childhood is the time when we live in our own fun away from any rivalry. Have you ever thought why today’s children have lost their childhood? Instead of smiling, why these tiny faces shadowed with sadness and tension? At young age, when it’s their time to play and have fun, they are bound to go schools with heavy bags on shoulders. These tiny tots are forced to enter in the race of competition. And because of this, their childhood has lost as they have to prove themselves better than others.  On this too, today’s parent are so busy that they don’t pay attention to their wards and let them play whole day on phone, tabs and computers.

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This kind of playing is inducing irritation, anger and fierceness in them.  They already have the pressure of studies, an above this they have to face pressure of doing better than others.

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The difference between the child of early age and nowadays is that parents didn’t imposed objectives goals on them. They were free to do what they want and their way according to abilities. But today’s child is forced to enter that field in which all other are going. Parent’s try to mold them in a way that is not meant for them. Because of this “cultural” misunderstanding, children often feel they are not understood, and parents feel frustrated as their child acts out. If this “cultural divide” deepens, the quality of the relationship between parents and children can deteriorate, creating a lack of closeness among family members.

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Who has inspired the children to do this? Somewhere, parent and their social pressure is compelling them. It is necessary to give proper direction to the juvenile at this point, so that the future will appear self sufficient. Its parent‘s duty to understand their child need, wants and interests. There are some plans and courses which help parent to know about their child’s abilities. It will enable them to counsel so that children can blossom, laugh and be successful.

Seema Jain

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